Designed by Kenyon Yeh
Materials: Powder coated steel
Size: W.40 D.40 H.50 cm

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The design of Kipa is simply constructed from a laser cut metal sheet then simply bent the centre structure connecting the table top and bottom surface to form a sturdy table.

The centre part is angled outward to balance the table, the angled metal bring advantage as a space to rest reading materials or plant pots. There is no correct front, back or side view, Kipa can be positioned on any angle depending which you prefer it to be the most appealing view. Kipa also can be easily pushed over to sofa giving you a comfy space for drinks or popcorn.

Kipa is minimal, unique as a practical table that can be use almost everywhere in any space. Finished with smooth matte powder coating.

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Kenyon Yeh currently lives and works in Taiwan where he continue producting his works for international brands.
The studio working with furniture, lighting, product and interior design projects.

After his graduation in Master of product design at Kingston University, London. Back in 2010 Kenyon Yeh started his design studio in London, focusing on handmade furniture.

His inspiration are coming from minimizing the outline of mundane objects in everyday life and practicing the production possibilities with traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, which make his work characteristic and amiable at the same time.

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